Pre-Built Demos Collection

Appilo comes with a beautiful collection of modern, easily importable, and highly customizable demo layouts.

App Landing 01 (Main demo)
App Landing Modern
App Landing 03
App Landing 07
Portfolio/Resume 2
Marketing Agency
Digital Marketing/Agency
IT Solution 2
IT Solution
Digital Agency
Startup Agency
SaaS Classic
SaaS Modern
App Landing 04
Pos Software
Seo Software
Home Live Chat
CRM Software
Web Application
Email Marketing
Cyber Security
App Landing 06
App Landing 05
Software Management
Social Media Marketing
HR Management
CR Management
SEO/Digital Marketing
Agency Landing 01
Portfolio/Resume 01
Product Landing 01
Cloud Hosting 1
Cloud Hosting 2
Cloud Hosting 3
Dark Version Demo
App Showcase Dark
Dark Version Demo
Saas Classic Dark
Dark Version Demo
Digital Agency Dark
Dark Version Demo
Startup Agency Dark
RTL Version Demo
Appilo Main RTL
RTL Version Demo
App Showcase RTL
RTL Version Demo
Digital Agency RTL
RTL Version Demo
SaaS Classic RTL




Freemium Version
Our FREE version has many powerful features
  • Family Calendar

    The Family Calendar is one of the core functions of the App.
    All types of Family appointments can be created and the whole family or individual family members can be invited to an appointment. There is both a Month overview and a Week overview that quickly gives an overview of the Family's appointments and tasks.

  • Pocket Money

    Parents can easy and quickly create various Pocket Money tasks via different templates, and then when the children have completed a task, they payout is done in a "digital wallet". Deposits and /withdrawals to/from the digital "Wallet" can also be donw quick and easily.

  • Birthday / Anniversary

    Birthdays and other anniversaries
    can be created on specific days in the calendar. Alarms can be configured on these special agreements so that you receive a notification before the day.

  • Month Overview

    The monthly overview is used to provide a quick overview of all the family's agreements. There is both a combined calendar for the whole family and for each family member. Each family member has its own color and it is easy to filter the overview between the individual family members.

  • Week Activitylist

    The weekly overview provides a more detailed overview of all the family's appointments from current data and onwards with more specific information about each individual appointments - e.g. description, participant, location etc. The Overview can show all appointments for the whole family and for a single Family Member.

  • Notifications

    When a new agreement is created, all participants receive a notification on their phone. In addition, alarms can be configured on an appointment so that you can receive one or more notifications before the appointment begins.

Premium Version
..and if you need even more functions
  • Import appointments from other calendars

    Appointments can be imported from other external calendars – e.g. Team sport, Match ready so that all appointments from these calendars are automatically synchronized to Daysi. In this way, all the family's agreements are collected in Daysi. Appointments from Outlook, Google and many other calendars can also be imported.

  • ToDo Lists

    Task lists can be used to create all the small tasks you have to remember - either your own small tasks or tasks that everyone in the family hava to remember. The tasks can be grouped into different types and a task overview provides a quick overview of open tasks.

  • Printout Weekplan

    A Weekplan can be printed with a detailed description of each appointment. This can then be hung on the wall in the kitchen. If you have a Tablet hanging in the kitchen, our Tablet App can be used instead that is optimized for Tabled Use

  • Share a Calendar between Families

    The calendar for a single Family Member can be shared with another Daysi Family. It can be used in divorced families where the parents can share the children's calendars. The function can also be used if the grandparents have to take part in childcare, pick-up from kindergarten etc

  • Special Tablet App

    If you use Daysi on a Tablet, the Premium Version also has a special developed App for Tablets which, among other things, utilizes the larger screen so that more information is gathered at once – e.g. we have combined the Monthly Overview and Week Activity List in the same screen so that you quickly can get an overview of all
    appointments in the family.

  • Other Features

    Even more features is part of the Premium version:
    - School-/Work Schedule
    - Find-My-Family
    - Advanced search

Subscription on Daysi Family App
Freemium version - Free Of Charge
Premium Version - many estra features.
( $3.99/mth for the Whole Family)



Unlimited Access

  • 300 GB Disk Space
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Unlimited Access

  • 3000 GB Disk Space
  • 10 Sub domains
  • 15 Email Accounts
  • 1 Year License
  • Phone & Mail Support
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Screenshots from the Daysi Family App

User friendly interface that makes it very easy

for both Parents & the Children

in the Family to use the App.

Short Intro of Daysi