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Freemium Version

  • Family Calendar

    All types of appointments can be created in the calendar and one or more Family Members can be connected to the appointment. The Activitylist and the Monthly Overview provide a quick and efficient overview of all appointments in the Family.

  • Pocket Money

    This function is for the children in the family so they can earn pocketmoney by doing different tasks. When a task has been completed and the parent has "approved" it, the "payment" for the task is added to the Digital "Wallet".

  • Special Appointments

    Birthdays and other Anniversaries can be created and added to the calendar. Alarms can be configured on these special appointments so you receive a notification before the appointment starts.

  • Month Overview

    The Monthly Overview gives a quick overview of Appointments in the Family. Each family member has his/her own color and the Overview can easily be filtered for a single Family Member.

  • Activity List

    The Activitylist provides a detailed overview of all appointments for each day in the current week. The list can show all appointments for the whole family or be filtered for a single Family Member.

  • Notifications

    When a new appointment is created, all participants receive a notification on their phone. In addition, alarms can be configured on an agreement so that you can receive one or more notifications before the appointment begins.

... and if you need more features, you can upgrade to
Premium Version

  • Share a Calendar

    Strong function for Co-Parenting Families where a calendar for one Family Member can be shared with another Daysi Family. This way it will only be the children's calendar that are shared between Daysi the calendars. The function can also be used if the grandparents should participate in picking up kids in kindergarten.

  • School-/Work Schedule

    School-/ Work-schedule can be created for each Family Member and used for creating the children's School-schedule.
    If the parents have changing working hours, then this function can be used for creating the Work Schedule - it can even be created with different recurring plans - weekly, bi-weekly, monthly etc.

  • ToDo Lists

    This function is a quick and easy feature that are used for creating all the small tasks that either you or one from your family needs to remember. The tasks can be grouped into different types and a task overview provides a quick list of all tasks.

  • Import Appointments

    Appointments can be imported from other external calendars - e.g. Team Cowboy, Team App, Teamsnap and all other calendars that supports the iCal algorithm.
    This way your Daysi Calendar will be the calendar where all appointments are collected so you have a full overview in one calendar. Appointments can also be imported from Outlook, Google etc.

  • Tablet Version

    There is a special version available of our App that can be installed on Tablets. This version uses the larger screen that Tablets have to give a complete overview of both the Month Calendar ant the Activity List at the same time.

  • Print Week Calendar

    A Print-Out of all activities for the week can be created with a detailed description of each appointment. This can then be hung on the wall in the kitchen. If you have a Tablet hanging in the kitchen, you might find our Special designed App for Tablets very usefull.

A few screenshots from our App......

Pricing & Features

Freemium Version

Free Family Calendar and
Pocket Money App
$ 0
Free of Charge
  • Advanced Family Calendar and
    Pockey Money Wallet
  • Create Family appointments
    and individual appointments for Family Members
  • Create Birthdays and Anniversaries
  • Create Pocket Money Tasks and
    collect earnings in a digital Wallet
  • Activitylist and Month overview
  • Notifications when booked for new Appointments and
    Alarms before an Appointment starts.
  • Create Up-To 4 Family Members
  • Picture of each Family Member
  • Banner & Full Screen Ads.

Premium Version

Integrations to other Calendars and
Extra advanced features
$ 3
Monthly for the Whole Family ($34.99 / year)
  • To-Do Lists, Integration to External Calendars,
    School/Work Schedule & Find-my-Family
  • Synchronise appointments from other external calendars like
    Team Snap, Team Cowboy, Outlook & Google
  • Create Daysi appointments in external calendars
  • Advanced Co-parenting functionality -
    share a Family Member Calendar with another Daysi Family
  • Special App for Tablets with integrated Month overview & Activitylist
  • Create individual ToDo lists for each Family Member and
    a shared Family ToDo list for the whole Family
  • Create School-/Work Schedule for Each Family Member Individually
  • Create Up-To 10 Family Members
  • Banner & Full Screen Ads.

Please write to us if you have any questions.